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Timetable Portal

Timetable 2016


The 2017 Timetable is available by clicking on the above link. Find information about units and programs.

Web Room Booking

Web Room Booking System

This is the new system and process for University staff to book teaching rooms. Simply login, define your room needs, dates and times, and a listing of the available rooms is shown. Make your room selection, answer some questions, and receive a faster response from our Room Bookings team.

Web Room Bookings has replaced the casual room booking processes and is a development arising from the Timetable Project.

The Online Room Booking forms on the Property website are no longer in operation.

Web Room Booking System

Information and Login

(University staff only)

Timetable Wiki

The Timetable Wiki is the source of information for staff and students on how the timetable is compiled each year, timelines, systems and an opportunity to comment and provide feedback on those processes and systems. We welcome any feedback you give.

Past Timetables