Timetable Viewer - 2022 TIMETABLE
Welcome to the 2022 timetable!
For 2022,the teaching timetables will be finalised separately, per teaching period .Session 2 is now finalised and avialable for student registration.

2022 unit offerings
We have updated the wording for 2022 unit offerings so that you will see the same terms used in both the Handbook and eStudent when choosing units.
Here is a breakdown of the different 'Offerings' you may have available to you for your units. You can check your unit Offerings in the Handbook.

Attendance Requirements
In- person [F2F]= A unit that has one or more learning activity that requires face to face attendance
Online [ONL]= A unit where all learning activities can be undertaken fully online

Time Requirements
Scheduled [S]= Unit learning activities need to be undertaken at specific times
Flexible [FLX]= self-paced, may include scheduled class assessment tasks

Unit Delivery Frequency
Weekday [DAY]= Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm
Weekend [WKE]= Saturday and/or Sunday
Intensive [INT]= block classes
Infrequent [INF]= non- regular weekly delivery of unit activities
In- person assessment [F2FX]= In person attendance for the final assessment task is required
Placement (On Location) [PLACE}= Placement activity (face to face) that may be scheduled but outside of the classroom
Fieldwork (On Location) [FIELD]= Fieldwork that will be face to face but outside of the classroom

A step-by-step guide on the system is available.

Timetable Team