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Web Room Bookings

Some quick notes before you log into the system:

  • For CAP teaching rooms, class enrolments need to be settled before they can be booked. Bookings open in Week 3 of Semester as a result.
  • There are a small number of exceptions which can be checked by choosing the option "Booking inside semester allowed"
  • Also, all rooms are available during the Tuesday 1-2pm teach free period for casual bookings
  • Teaching continues to be booked through separate timetable processes

2017 LOGIN for bookings from 23 January 2017 onwards

2017 Bookings


If you have an activity (eg. conference) where you are charging participants to attend, please contact:
Campus Experience Venue Hire
on (02) 9850 6149

Property will continue to manage the booking of classrooms & theatres for free entry activities.